Operation and maintenance


Operation & Maintenance (O&M) is the core activity in TRYBA ENERGY’s portfolio.

In line with the values upon which the TRYBA group’s reputation has been built, our team focusses on Customer Satisfaction and Quality.

Our customers benefit from a tailored service thanks to dedicated points of contact who oversee every aspect of asset management:

  • Monitoring: monitoring power plants and tracking their performance levels in real time.
  • Preventive maintenance: annual visit and maintenance of equipment by a team of qualified professionals.
  • Remedial maintenance: resolving unexpected equipment issues, fixing these effectively, without delay.
  • Administrative management of assets:
  • management of our contracts (insurance, aggregation)
  • reporting of losses
  • accounting


  • Our engineers offer full availability and responsiveness.
  • We listen to your requirements to foster a long-term relationship built on trust

We know that high quality maintenance is the key to performance.


The O&M department is staffed by qualified professionals, able to remotely manage a bank of over 300 photovoltaic power plants.

The team is led by Ludovic Wolff.