Tryba Energy is a developmentinvestment and operating company dedicated to photovoltaic solar power plants.

We offer partnership solutions between a land owner and our structure, with the aim of developing renewable electrical power production capacities.

Our solutions are based on all types of support.

As a priority, we seek to add value to sites which already have a main function: car parks, and the roofs of industrial, logistics or other buildings.

The aim is to add further value to the site, without having to develop natural areas in any way.

In terms of land, we focus our developments on degraded or contaminated sites, industrial wasteland or other sites which do not provide major value in terms of nature.

This consistent and sustainable approach to land use is at the heart the Tryba Energy approach.

Tryba Energy works with both public organisations and industrial companies, and private landowners.


Development of partnerships

Whether involved as a pure developer, or as a developer/investor, TRYBA ENERGY is a partner you can trust to bring your solar project to a successful conclusion.

International projects

As an IPP (Independent Power Producer), Tryba Energy develops and invests in photovoltaic power plants in emerging markets with significant renewable energy requirements.

Operation & Maintenance

TRYBA ENERGY guarantees the long-term operability and performance of your photovoltaic power plants thanks to a dedicated internal operational/maintenance department.