Roumania - Ground-mounted power plant – 5.6 MW

The project

The Cosereni ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant was built in the Cosereni commune, in Ialomița County in the south of Romania, 50 km from Bucharest and 9 km from Urziceni.

It was the first major international project that Tryba Energy undertook in partnership.

The installed capacity at Cosereni is 5.6 MW, generating around 7500 MWh of energy each year.

The photovoltaic plant was commissioned in 2013. The impact on the environment is minimal: decommissioning the photovoltaic plant will not generate any waste; the structure can be reused and the earth used can be reintroduced into the agricultural system.

Key data

  • Total surface area:     7 ha
  • Installed capacity:      5.6 MWp
  • Average annual production:   7500 MWh/year
  • CO2 equivalent avoided: 8000 t CO2
  • Equivalent consumption: 5000 households
  • Total investment: €7M
  • Expected lifetime: 10 years

Our services

  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Asset management

Development of partnerships

Whether involved as a pure developer, or as a developer/investor, TRYBA ENERGY is a partner you can trust to bring your solar project to a successful conclusion.

International projects

As an IPP (Independent Power Producer), Tryba Energy develops and invests in photovoltaic power plants in emerging markets with significant renewable energy requirements.

Operation & Maintenance

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