International projects

Our international activity

Whether in the sector of healthcare, education, industry or the economy more broadly, the production of electrical power forms the backbone of a country. The international sector is a major area of activity for Tryba Energy. Supporting the development of renewable energies in emerging areas is a challenge that Tryba Energy has been rising to meet for several years now.

The company develops long-term projects in emerging areas around the globe, anywhere experiencing growth in the need for electrical power. This is also one of the group’s strong commitments: to help increase the production capacities for photovoltaic energy as part of the development of these countries.

Our method

Tryba Energy has positioned itself as an IPP: an international Independent Power Producer.

This means that it develops a complete projectfinancingconstructing and operating the installation.

Specifically, Tryba Energy produces electrical power and sells it to a purchaser known as an offtaker.