Inauguration of our Solar PV Plant in Uganda on 6th June, 2019

Developing a large scale PV Project is not necessarily a straightforward undertaking. It takes time to carry out studies whether they relate to technical matters or to environmental and social questions. It is vital to take account of local requirements and regulations and the local business practices. Understanding the local context is fundamental.

Our 10 MWc PV Plant in the Jinja Region uses tracker technology. This means that the solar panels follow the movement of the sun throughout the day, which optimises and increases electricity production. This plant is the first of its kind in Africa. It is also the first plant to have been developed without International subsidies.

On 6th June, 2019 the Plant was officially inaugurated in the presence of representatives of the Government of Uganda as well as local and regional officials together with the teams who brought the Project to fruition. This was a moment of great pride and satisfaction for us all.