Development and operation of photovoltaic projects in France and abroad

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Electricity which respects both the environment and mankind

Since 2008, TRYBA ENERGY has been developing photovoltaic power plants in France and internationally to generate clean, green electricity that respects the environment and human beings.
TRYBA ENERGY also operates and provides maintainenance services to over 300 PV plants for its customers throughout France: including 7/7 day remote monitoring, periodic maintenance and troubleshooting.
A photovoltaic project is above all a human adventure.
Our mission is to support the owner of the plant or the community in their endeavour to promote their heritage through renewable energy.
TRYBA ENERGY manages the entire project: feasibility analysis, profitability review, project development, tendering, financing, construction and operation and maintenance.
In France, for photovoltaic projects with capacity in excess of 1 MWp we select:
– roofs with a surface area of 8000 m² or more
– car parks with more than 350 parking spaces
– idle land or land unsuitable for agriculture or other economic activities
Internationally, we are focused on developing large scale ground-based power plants in close cooperation with local governments and working with local partners.

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Tryba Energy Awarded in the CRE Tender of the government

Tryba Energy Awarded in the CRE Tender of the government

Tryba Energy is proud to have been awarded in the National and Post Fessenheim tenders by the Energy Regulatory Commission, for a cumulated capacity of 26 MW in Alsace (Grand Est region). Once again, Tryba Energy, independent player focused on its values of quality...

Who are we ?


TRYBA ENERGY is a French renewable energy project development company active in Europe and internationally 


TRYBA ENERGY is also an investor in solar photovoltaic projects.


TRYBA ENERGY undertakes operation and maintenance of your photovoltaic plants. Our key qualities are reactivity and efficiency in problem solving.


Inauguration of our Solar PV Plant in Uganda on 6th June, 2019

Inauguration of our Solar PV Plant in Uganda on 6th June, 2019

Developing a large scale PV Project is not necessarily a straightforward undertaking. It takes time to carry out studies whether they relate to technical matters or to environmental and social questions. It is vital to take account of local requirements and...

Carry out preventive maintenance on PV plants

Carry out preventive maintenance on PV plants

Europe is again bathed in sunshine and winter might even be behind us. This is the perfect time to carry out preventive maintenance on PV plants.   For Tryba Energy this means testing and undertaking preventive maintenance work. Tryba Energy manage more than 300...

Benefit from the technical and financial expertise of a strong, well reputed group

Created in 2008, TRYBA ENERGY is a photovoltaic solar power development company. TRYBA ENERGY also manages 300 power plants in France. It is wholly owned by and benefits from the solidity of the ATRYA group, a French family owned company created in 1980, famous for the Tryba brand of Home Solution products.

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« I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that »

Thomas Edison – 1931




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TRYBA ENERGY offers a complete monitoring and maintenance service for your photovoltaic power plants.

Diagnosis and preventive maintenance
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