A gateway to renewable energies

In 2008, the French group ATRYA, known for its TRYBA® brand of windows, moved into the renewable energies sector when it created Tryba Solar, which later became Tryba Energy. This move stemmed from Johannes Tryba’s conviction that it is essential to consider our resources as limited. The first step in sustainable development is to manage and safeguard our resources. As we cannot do without electrical power in our modern world, we have to move towards renewable energy production.

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Message from the president



“Successfully committed to Renewable Energies since 2008, we have always managed to stay very closely aligned to the expectations of our partners and the economic climate.

Our values are our strengths, and we strive day in, day out to set the standard and exemplify success in our field.

A love of high-quality workmanship and a respect for people and the environment are core values for us, and we put all our energy into designing innovative, balanced solutions that align with our values.”



Stéphane Delplancq

A general management committee

The general management of Tryba Energy is formed of two deputy CEOs.

This original form of organisation allows for a better grasp of issues, and joint decision-making which is therefore both more objective and more pragmatic.

This setup means that Tryba Energy benefits from technical expertise and financial expertise in equal measure at its head, made possible by the combination of Nicolas Sur and Mathieu Foerderer.



With a career spanning over 15 years, Nicolas Sur, an INSA graduate engineer, started his career in photovoltaic energy very early.

Firstly a design engineer, then a business engineer, product manager, technical director and now Deputy CEO, Nicolas brings not only his technical expertise to the role, but also his management and organisational skills.



With more than 15 years of experience in the banking sector, Mathieu Foerderer holds a masters in Finance, and joined TRYBA ENERGY in 2018 as Financial Manager.

Now Deputy CEO, Mathieu is in charge of financial, legal and administrative affairs.

His interest in commercial development led him to set up and lead our team of landowner developers.

Tryba Energy is first and foremost a team

A passionate, driven, ambitious, dynamic and agile team.

In the current highly competitive context, and despite the energy sector’s inherent complexity, Tryba Energy has positioned itself as a company which puts human values first: respect, trust, professionalism and, last but not least, friendliness and good humour.

Staying positive, adapting to what the day brings and resolving unforeseen issues are the qualities which characterise the Tryba Energy team.

Tryba Energy embodies team spirit.

Tryba Energy is well-distributed geographically, with a presence at the head office in Mertzwiller, Alsace, an entity based in the Lyon area, and a presence in Paris and Metz.


Tryba Energy has been demonstrating social responsibility since it was founded. It was first and foremost the strong sensibilities of its founder, Mr Tryba, which led to the creation of a company whose main activity is to use renewable energy. The development towards a more sustainable and responsible company is a key Tryba Energy commitment.



The company has organised its staff around different areas of expertise: technical, finance, project management, legal, urban development, environment, operation/maintenance and asset management.

This expertise guarantees a quality project, which is successfully completed and delivers the expected performance.

Convinced that working as a group is the way to progress, Tryba Energy is part of a number of trade associations such as:


  • the Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables (French renewable energies association; SER)

  • the Pôle d’intelligence logistique (centre for logistics intelligence; Pil’ES)

  • AuraDigital Solaire (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes association of digital and solar companies)


The company is organised around what is known as a “project-oriented” approach. One point of contact per project, a clear and transparent vision, a commitment to loyalty, and simple, consistent communication. These are the management criteria that Tryba Energy respects throughout the life cycle of its projects. It also guarantees our partners a quality project, with diligent time management, no matter what arises.