Our expertise




To develop a solar power plant, you must first have the appropriate site which could be a a plot of land, a roof or a parking lot. It is also crucial to understand the local market and the applicable regulations. For example, in France, the current tendering rules for photovoltaic projects with capacity of more than 1 MWp is favourable to:
–roof surfaces of more than 8000 M²
–car parks with more than 350 parking places
– idle land or land unsuitable for agriculture or other economic activities (former industrial sites, polluted land, abandoned quarries)

Our expertise

Our expertise covers the 4 areas necessary for the smooth running of a project:


Thanks to our professional experience (electrical, civil engineering, mechanics), we master the entire technical process. Our design office supports the design, construction and commissioning. As operator, we benefit from a feedback of experience on all our installations. Our experts also highlight quality and safety in all our projects.


Regulatory and legal

The development of large-scale photovoltaic projects is conditioned by the local regulatory environment. Our financial and legal team ensures compliance with the relevant regulations during the development of the project.

Financial expertise

A project is only viable if it generates an adequate return to investors. We validate the profitability of each project taking into account the risks inherent in each country including political, currency and convertibility and security risk.

Project management

The complexity of photovoltaic projects requires perfect coordination. With more than 10 years of experience, our expert project managers master the entire process needed to manage large projects.


TRYBA ENERGY analyses local electricity markets and the applicable regulatory framework with a view to providing a solution based on a long-term contract for the sale of electricity with the incumbent electricity company (“PPA”). In this way, Tryba invests in and finances the development of a plant without the requirement of an investment by the host government. This may take the form of projects which are tendered or which are directly negotiated. In both cases this cooperation is equivalent to a Public/Private Partnership.
To date, our international projects are mainly large-scale ground based PV plants developed solely by Tryba Energy or jointly with our local partners. Our objective is to implement high quality projects producing competitively priced electricity.

A strong project pipeline


TRYBA ENERGY prioritises local partnerships wherever possible. Our partnerships provide a better understanding of the local market and promote sharing of experience.
For example, TRYBA ENERGY has entered into a partnership with the Czech Group Ekotechnik for the development and installation of photovoltaic plants in Eastern Europe. 
On the basis of this partnership, a 5.6 MWp ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant was commissioned in July 2013 in Romania and a 7 MWp project is under construction in Ukraine.
Present in Africa for several years, TRYBA ENERGY  finalized in 2019 the construction of a photovoltaic plant of 10 MWp in Uganda, a project that required more than 3 years of development, in close collaboration with local authorities and international partners.
Located in the commune of Bufulubi, in the district of Mayuge, this solar power plant has allowed the region to bring its sustainable energy policy into being. In fact, this photovoltaic plant is now producing the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 30,000 homes.
Developing and implementing a large photovoltaic power plant is not just about studies, technology and financing. It is first and foremost a beautiful human experience.


Identification of sites

Since 2008, TRYBA ENERGY has developed more than 100MWc of Solar PV Capacity in projects in France either ground based, roof based or on solar canopies in parking lots.
The development in France is carried out within the framework of the tenders of the Commission of Energy (“CRE”).. TRYBA ENERGY manages the entire bidding process in order to be winners of its projects and to be able to ensure its implementation and exploitation.