Tryba Energy is bolstering it’s team in order to pursue the successful implementation of an ambitious strategy in large scale solar PV project development internationally.

Yuliya Lev joins the group to focus on existing and future business in Ukraine. Yuliya has extensive experience in the field of large international projects. Her adaptability and her organizational and communication skills are key qualities which, allied to Yuliya’s Franco-Ukrainian cultural background, are a perfect fit with Tryba’s values.

Peter Goodall has a wealth of experience in structuring and financing international projects as lender, financial adviser and developer. Following a career spent in senior roles with major groups in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Peter is delighted to have been retained by Tryba Energy to share his expertise with a team which he describes as both highly motivated and dynamic, as well as the methodology, tenacity and imagination to bring new transactions to closing.

The team’s collective motivation and determination is driven by the satisfaction of successfully developing new projects together. The future is certainly bright and you will be able to follow events right here.