TRYBA ENERGY is still surfing on its success streak with yet a new project selected by the Commission de Régulation de l’Energy (CRE – French Energy regulation authority). Indeed, TRYBA ENERGY has been selected for its carport project to be installed on the parking lot of PEUGEOT Mulhouse car factory.

This 5.4MWp power plant, on a close to 4 hectares land, is a new strong reference for TRYBA ENERGY on this very segment and will also allow PEUGEOT to better protect its new vehicle on its parking lots not yet protected against hail.

A win-win partnership allowed this project to come on top despite the strong competition and will become one of the biggest solar carport of the northern part of France.

TRYBA ENERGY is both a development and an investment company in renewable energy projects in France and worldwide.

TRYBA ENERGY develops photovoltaic solar plants on roofs and ground level in various countries and has been very successful in France.

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