The Central Electricity Board (CEB), the sole electricity network operator of Mauritius, launched last June an Expression of Interest “EOI” concerning the installation of 50kW to 15 MW power plants based on renewable energies (solar energy, wind, energy, hydro, biomass…).

The very short deadline of 2 months was required by the CEB for the deposit files. Thanks to its experience and its reactivity, Tryba Energy has succeeded in identifying sites, signing contracts with the land owners, achieving the technical studies and starting the preliminary financing analyses during this short period. Thus Tryba Energy was able to deposit 5 files accumulating a global power of 75 MW. The deposit files are being processed by the CEB. The challenge is considerable: 260 files were deposited including all kinds of renewable energies. The result is expected during the last quarter of 2015.

The Mauritius Island: located 900 kms to the east of Madagascar, Mauritius has been an independent country since 1968. Its total land area is 1,900 km² (65kms from north to south, 45 kms from east to west). The island currently counts approximately 1.2Mio inhabitants. Even though the island has a volcanic origin, the volcano of the island is extinct. During the peak period the maximum electrical demand goes up to 450 MW.