Both projects were winners of the tender named CRE2 concerning power installations higher than 250 kWp.


These projects of photovoltaic power plants result in the complete rehabilitation of two industrial roofs. On one hand it concerns a fruit cooperative located near Bergerac and on the other hand an industrial boiler site located in Cavaillon.

Apart from cleaning up the roof, this work is an opportunity to strengthen the structure according to current calculations of the standards, and also to restore the building and indoor lighting to improve insulation via a warm blanket.

The works were entrusted to two French companies and the panels are supplied by a European manufacturer.

Some figures related to these works:

  • About 8,000 photovoltaic modules installed
  • 80 inverters for energy conversion
  • More than 50 kms of cables
  • A reprocessed area of more than 15,000 sq
  • 8 months works
  • A global investment of roughly 4 mio €

Once the plant is operational, production will be monitored by TRYBA ENERGY INVEST. Both plants will generate roughly 2230 MWh / year, an energy which is equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 250 homes.