A First Major Solar PV Project in the Sundgau Region, Alsace


Tryba Energy has signed a partnership agreement with the Communauté de Communes Sud Alsace Largue for the development of a ground based solar PV project to be built at Retzwiller in the Sundgau Region.
This will be the first renewable energy production site in the region. The PV Plant’s capacity will be 5MWc with estimated annual production of 5 850 MWh, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 2 500 homes. In addition, the plant will result in an annual reduction of CO2 emissions of 650 tonnes.

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Another Human Adventure for Tryba Energy


Developing and bringing on line a new large scale solar PV plant is not just about feasibility studies, technology and financing.
Above all, each project is a new Human Adventure. Which is exactly what we’re experiencing in Uganda as construction of our 10MWc plant advances.
A few observations on-site last week:

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1st October, 2018


Tryba Energy started construction today of the solar PV facility in the car park of the Ecomusée d’Alsace, the largest living open air museum in France. The launch took place in the presence of Mrs Brigitte Klinkert, President of the Alsace Department Supervisory Board and also a very special guest Mr Thomas Edison.

The attendees were reminded that Mr Edison said in 1931: I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.

At Tryba Energy we believe it is high time to transform Edison’s prophetic words into reality and we are particularly proud to contribute to this effort at the Ecomusée, itself a living reminder of our history here in Alsace.


A First in the East African Power Market for Tryba Energy: a large scale PV Project using a Solar Tracker Device


In Uganda Tryba Energy is currently building the first large scale African PV project to use solar tracking technology, which allows the solar panels to remain directly oriented towards the sun during the course of the day thanks to a motorised support structure , thereby increasing the level of electricity produced.
The site of the project, near Jinja in Uganda, is particularly well suited to the use of a tracking system.

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Tryba Energy in Ukraine !


The summer is proving particularly bright for Tryba Energy!
After launching the construction in France of a further 10 MWc and having taken a major step forward on our project in Niger, we signed a new project in Ukraine on 25th July.

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Tryba Energy on Top Form

Tryba Energy’s teamwork and commitment on display once more.

Whether it is in developing projects or in sporting events, the Tryba Energy team always gives it’s very best. On June 16th our cyclists were in Narbonne to compete in the 2018 edition of the RENEWABLE ENERGIES World Race and produced an excellent performance. Having taken part in the first two World Race events, Tryba Energy will organise and host the 2019 event in Alsace, our base, on June 15th next year.

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There are always new and exciting challenges ahead.





Tryba Energy promotes Voluntary Work assignments

Developing and operating photovoltaic power plants is an exciting activity that drives and motivates our entire team.

Whether in France or internationally, our job requires courage, perseverance and hard work.

The team is highly skilled and focused and derives great satisfaction from implementing the projects and managing solar energy production.

In addition to this virtuous activity for the planet, I wanted to give some of my time to help disadvantaged students in Vietnam. In 2008, the Tryba Group created the “A World for Children” Foundation, which works directly with underprivileged children helping them to improve different skills.

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